Canon EOS 70D 20.2 MP Digital SLR Camera

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    Canon has an APS-C DSLR to fit every budget, though the overlap between each model makes it difficult to decide which one fits which niche. The EOS 70D is technically positioned above the outstanding EOS Rebel T5i and directly below the prosumer EOS 7D; it shares many of the same features but ultimately outperforms both in the real world.

    At first glance, the EOS 70D is difficult to distinguish from the the EOS 60D which it replaces. Examine the two side by side, however, and some subtle differences make themselves known. Other than the practical improvements such as a dial lock switch and a redesigned mode selector, the 70D is equipped with the same articulated touchscreen found on the Rebel T5i.

    The interface is identical, providing an easy graphical alternative to the array of buttons for controlling focus modes, ISO sensitivity, etc. Performance-wise, the 70D is quick and responsive at all times. Despite the resolution increase, burst shooting speed is now a solid 7 frames per second. The 70D also receives the autofocus sensor from the 7D; combined with the new technology found in the image sensor, autofocus performance is one of the 70D's strong points.

    Output quality with stills and video is excellent all around, and there are no surprises to be found anywhere (which is a good thing). The built-in WiFi feature may come across as a gimmick, but actually offers useful functionality ranging from wireless image transfers between devices, wireless printing, DLNA image streaming, and the ability to control the camera remotely.

    Overall, the EOS 70D is a solid DSLR for the money, even when compared to its direct competitors within and outside of the Canon brand. Compared to Canon's other APS-C DSLR models, the newest architecture and features means we'll give our top recommendation to the EOS 70D.Rating: 4.25/5

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