D810 DSLR Camera (Body Only)

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Expert Review

The full-frame Nikon D800 delivered what can be described as a technological knockout, with an incredible 36-megapixel resolution and a durable weather-sealed body of outstanding build quality. Its followup, the Nikon D810, offers design and handling that is very similar, with small changes that have improved upon what was so good about its predecessor.

Like many high-end cameras, the D810 makes you choose to some degree between speedy performance and top-notch image quality; with this camera, Nikon has chosen to focus on image quality. Using the same outstanding 36-megapixel image sensor as the D800, the D810 takes things up a notch with an improved Expeed 4 processor, which has helped contribute to faster performance, improved continuous shooting, and better low light capability.

Upgrades also include 1080/60p video capture and an extended ISO range, as well as better battery life, a higher resolution rear screen, and an overall lighter and quieter design. Only small changes have been made to the controls when compared to the D800, ensuring that handling will feel familiar to anyone accustomed to Nikon layouts.

Overall, those seeking a camera specifically for video are likely better off with a different camera, but anyone who was put off by the D800’s relative slowness will be much happier with the performance of the D810. The Nikon D810 is one of the best all-around DSLRs at this price, offering some of the best image quality available and an overall excellent experience.Rating: 4.5/5

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