Fujifilm X100T 16 MP Digital Camera (Silver)

Expert Review

The FujiFilm X100T is the successor to the X100S, and a continuation of the fine tuning of this excellent line of cameras. FujiFilm has retained the retro styling, as well as the same fixed lens and sensor as the X100S. However, beyond these shared traits, much is changed with the X100T.

This camera sports a redesigned hybrid viewfinder; a combination of optical and electronic that is unique to the X100T. Compared to its predecessor, this camera has a larger screen, facial recognition technology, built-in WiFi, multiple new settings, as well as a completely silent electronic shutter.

The X100T is well-balanced and capable of taking excellent photos in almost any light. Auto settings do very well for allowing you to quickly capture moments with this being a camera that is good at getting the shot on the first try. Ergonomics are also very good, with controls falling where you’d expect them to be. Overall, the FujiFilm X100T is an excellent camera that is well-suited for almost anyone thanks to its ability to produce excellent images across a wide variety of conditions.Rating: 5/5

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