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    Although Samsung is not a newcomer to manufacturing cameras, it has only begun to be truly taken seriously recently. The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is part of a new generation of cameras that strives to fully integrate the functionality and connectivity of smartphones, offering powerful processing, multiple apps, and even using Android 4.3; this allows for doing everything from streaming music and movies to reading and answering email right from your camera.

    While this type of device won’t be right for everybody, it is a testament to how technology is evolving and becoming even more prominent in our daily lives. The Galaxy Camera 2 is still a camera, however, using a 16-megapixel BSI sensor with a 21x zoom lens. A large and attractive 4.8-inch HD touchscreen dominates the back of the camera, which features no buttons. The camera has plenty of shooting options, including several to make taking selfies easier. A headphone jack can also be used with a microphone, allowing for better audio while recording videos.

    Manual and semi-manual modes are included, and overall performance is quite good. However, picture quality might not be what one would expect from a camera of this price; this is only really worth the money if you’re wanting to buy much more than just a camera. For the money, there are several bridge cameras and even some entry-level DSLRs that offer better overall performance and picture quality. If you are looking for a feature-rich camera with performance that improves upon what is offered by a smartphone, with WiFi and NFC-enabled camera may be a worthwhile option for you.Rating: 4/5

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