Olympus TG-4 Waterproof Digital Camera

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Expert Review

While the rugged exterior of the Olympus TG-4 is mostly unchanged from that of its predecessor, the TG-3, several key differences are contained underneath. The TG-3 was arguably the best rugged and waterproof camera available, and Olympus has sought to continue this with the TG-4. With the addition of RAW capture, the TG-4 is the only tough camera currently available that can please enthusiasts looking to extract the most out of their images. Although the 16-megapixel sensor and fast 4x zoom lens are retained from the previous model, image quality is very good.

The camera is waterproof down to 50 feet, shockproof from seven feet, crushproof up to 220 pounds, and freeze proof down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. WiFi and GPS are built-in, as well as an E-compass feature that allows for measuring barometric pressure and altitude. Several modes have been included to greatly enhance the experience of using the TG-4, including an excellent Microscope mode, as well as a Live Composite mode that allows for capturing nighttime scenes such as star trails and city lights.

The TG-4 is also one of the first compact waterproof cameras to include the ability to pick the autofocus target selection, rather than depending on the camera to do so. Overall, the Olympus TG-4 is mostly the same as its excellent predecessor. However, the few new features and tweaks make this camera a worthy update to the line, resulting in a camera that can take a lot of punishment while delivering good image quality.Rating: 5/5

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